Customer A-R / Settlements Management Service

Customer A-R / Settlements Management Service 
Customer VMI Management Service 
Third Party Warehouse Integration Service 
Supply Chain Management Service 

Our settlements services are designed to manage delivery of customer settlement transactions (invoice, credit memo, debit memo). This service is primarily supported by four (4) primary modules; business intelligence, visibility, communications, and translation.

The business intelligence (BI) module allows for definition of system and customer specific business rules to be applied to transactions being delivered to the customer. The BI module can be used to apply standards at the client and customer level, notify specific users of exception conditions, automatically generate activity level reports, and to apply basically any business based rule to the system or a customer.

The visibility module provides support for client and customer visibility of transactions exchanged. This module can also be configured to allow the client to make cosmetic modifications to transactions and resubmit them to the customer. All changes are processed through a dynamic approval process to ensure complete audit for changes made to source transactions. This process capability essentially eliminates “credit and re-bill” requirements.

The communications module provides connective capabilities to virtually any type of communications using the highest security measures coupled with the flexibility to encrypt all data.

The translation module is constructed to use a “point-and-click” setup tool allowing configuration of data mapping between disparate formats. The configurable module reduces the time to create mappings to minutes instead of hours when compared to using standard mapping software.

Each module is fully configurable to adjust to your specific requirements and configured to support full reporting, modular security controls, audit management, and exception management.


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