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For most companies, transportation costs make up the largest percentage of their overall logistics costs and represent one of the largest opportunities for cost savings and increased service levels. Traditional solutions execute within the four walls of an operation with very limited real-time or historical performance data available. In order to achieve cost and customer service gains, components outside the organization must be taken into account. Sorvive allows you to coordinate your internal processes with those of your trading partners by providing real-time visibility into bills of lading, shipment status messages and freight invoices concerning the shipments moving between your suppliers, inventory locations, partners and customers. This sort of visibility enables you to coordinate the entire order fulfillment and delivery process. By providing the visibility and control mechanisms, Sorvive coordinates the execution of your entire order fulfillment and delivery process. Unlike other generic "visibility" or "event management" applications, Sorviveís service allows for a much greater level of integration with existing internal applications, providing an active insight into your supply chain logistics performance in real-time or on a historical basis. This intelligence can be used as a decision support tool to handle the minute by minute exceptions confronting your customer service staff, or in analyzing historical data to identify bottle necks in the overall process.

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