Why Sorvive?
Rational approach. Incredible agility. Measurable Results.

Why Sorvive? 

Sorvive dramatically reduces the time, resources and cash outlay needed to bring new applications into production… and, once in production we eliminate the costs that typically go along with changes in technology and requirements of business.  We do it by focusing on the key intersection between a business application and the infrastructure it needs to connect with, whether the connection is internal or with the applications of a trading partner.  We are the industry's first hosted data & message management service provider that provides a fully flexible data access solution that doesn’t require any software.  

Sorvive can make the difference. Data is found throughout the enterprise… from the desktop to electronic transactions in-transit.  In each of the following points, we are able to deliver integrated data, automating the connections between internal and external applications, regardless of their location or format.

  • Improved Business Process:  We deliver applications that make your organization more efficient than the competition.  Whether that has to do with bringing new products to market, delivering products and services, interacting with vendors, or servicing customers, the improvements in the information flow can impact everything from customer satisfaction to corporate morale.  
  • Integrated Information Delivery:  Customer relationships depend on service, and very often the difference between good and bad service is the level of integration that exists between systems and your ability to provide it reliably and efficiently.  We provide that sort of reliability and efficiency at a cost that fits your budget.
  • Positions Organizations for Change: Many industries are facing consolidation, and the winning companies in these industries are the ones that can make acquisitions successful. The most important factor leading to that success is an ability to assimilate and integrate important systems quickly and effectively, whether that’s at the purchasing level of interest, in manufacturing, inventory or finance.  We’re able to very quickly integrate virtually any system to virtually any other system; and do it so cost effectively that it doesn’t make sense to do it any other way.


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