Sorvive Delivers Business Process Integration Solutions
that automate strategic processes across a company's applications, data, people and trading partners.

“We placed a particular emphasis in the ability of Sorvive to execute on our business-to-business initiatives. Well-within two months, they were able to automate purchase order processing across 18 systems in 11 countries and to give everyone a real-time view of the business process cycle."

- CIO, Telecom Manufacturer

Sorvive Delivers  Innovation 

Sorvive Delivers a fully-hosted Business Process Integration solution as a pay-as-you-go service that significantly lowers the risk, the costs and the time-to-value. We handle every aspect of community integration including data integrity management, participant readiness and connectivity, security, and data translation & transformation between all popular data and application formats.

We currently manage, transform, archive, and deliver more than two million inter-company processes monthly, and operate channels linking nearly 5,000 companies across five continents.

Sorvive is an innovative hosted service provider with deep expertise and proven methodologies for building integrated traded communities.

Our comprehensive integration service empowers our customers to harness the advantages of true process automation and enterprise-to-enterprise application integration with their trading partners.

Sorvive has built and implemented some of the largest private trading communities currently in operation, and continues to maintain a key role in helping value chain leaders achieve true inter-company process efficiency.

With Sorvive you can:
  • Speed time-to-value
    Fast Solutions with Long-Term Flexibility

    As the pioneer in Hosted Process Integration Outsourcing, Sorvive has acquired years of intellectual property, domain expertise, best practices, and technology innovation required to solve complex problems.

    Sorvive's staff and network of expert partners work together to deliver solutions that are currently fragmented across multiple systems, processes, and trading partner interactions.

  • Align systems, staff & partners
    Making the integration fit the business, not the other way around

    Sorvive's rich Process Management capabilities allow you to focus on what your business processes need to do, rather than what someone else's tool can do. We’ve always taken a top-down, process-centric approach to integration, employing BPM capabilities that allow you to scale from solving the simplest problems to the most complex -- today and in the future. Sorvive provides the comprehensive BPM capabilities needed to automate the multi-step business processes common to all modern companies and their value chains, including:

    • Synchronous and asynchronous interactions
    • Automated management of data and process exceptions and errors
    • Transaction rollbacks and compensating transactions
    • Time-based exception management
    • Adaptable business processes that monitor real-time activities and automatically adjust themselves to enforce pre-defined rules
  • Ensure data integrity & compliance
    Ensuring Data Integrity and Compliance

    Managing translations between diverse industry- and application-specific data formats and meanings can comprise as much as 70% of the ongoing effort and expense in integration projects.

    Sorvive provides solutions to solve vocabulary management problems. Scalable, agile approaches to validation and transformation between business vocabularies make integration solutions faster, less expensive, and easier to change. They also provide efficient means of managing exceptions, including the enforcement of rules for the format and content of data, and taking appropriate action to either automatically fix errors or route them through existing processes for resolution.

  • Manage partner interactions
    Managing Trading Partner Interaction

    Sorvive’s platform for RosettaNet is designed specifically to address the requirements for implementing a total solution based on RosettaNet standards, while incorporating and accommodating full X 12 and EDIFACT EDI support, cXML, ebXML, as well as proprietary and ERP application-specific protocols and exchange formats over the Internet. It coordinates interactions with trading partners according to the unique business processes of all parties involved. Interactions are secure, reliable and scalable with guaranteed 'once and only once' transactional integrity across firewalls.

    A variety of connectivity options enable a company to quickly and cost-effectively integrate with any number of trading partners while taking into account each partner's importance in the supply chain, format and protocol preferences, and level of technical sophistication. Services include communications and connectivity certification, trading partner management, security and administration.

    Benefits of using Sorvive for B2B:

    • Leverage your existing investment in EDI and other legacy systems.
    • Transact reliably, rapidly, and securely with partners, customers, and suppliers.
    • Gain visibility and control of B2B relationships through improved partner management.
    • Reduce transaction costs.
  • Enterprise-wide data flow control
    Enterprise-wide data flow control

    Sorvive enables a company to hook-up with each application, messaging system, or database just once, and it is ready to interoperate with any other system. No more out-of-control, difficult-to-manage 'spaghetti' of connections between applications and services.


    With Sorvive you can employ whatever message transport you choose. This transport-independent approach enables you to preserve investments around legacy messaging infrastructures while taking advantage of Sorvive's unique strengths in orchestrating interactions across the business process, monitoring and analyzing processes, and intelligently managing business vocabularies. Benefits of Using Sorvive for B2B Messaging & Connectivity

    • Freedom to preserve and extend existing & future investments in 3rd-party or standards-based transport.
    • Decouple processes from exchange method.
    • Mix-and-match connection and transformation components to accommodate a much wider range of business systems.

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Implementing RosettaNet?
Being Required to Implement RosettaNet?

Sorvive is your fastest, most dependable, and least expensive alternative... by far.
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